How it Works


Intranet / Digital Workplace


Meet your team’s new digital water cooler—that doubles (quintuples?) as a conference room, knowledge base, app factory, and busywork automator.

A digital workspace that puts everything in one place.

The best new way to be on the ball about everything. Along with all the other cool tricks it can do, Quick Base is an awesome digital workspace: collaborate with teams, deck out your profile, create project-specific portals, crystallize your knowledge, and evolve beyond emails.

Archives & Advanced Search

Unlike email, finding exactly what you need is a cinch in the Quick Base Platform. Refer back to old conversations to onboard new employees in a snap.

Accessible Anywhere

This intranet can go out wherever you go. Stay on the same page on any device or desktop.

Socialize & Supercharge Your Culture

All work and no play makes for a stodgy, sad team. Personalize your profile and share pics of team outings to bolster your company culture.

All-in-One Makes Life Easier

The intranet is just the tip of the iceberg. Sun Spark Solutions collaboration with Quick Base maintains it all in one place, so you can centralize your work.

Application Development


Build, customize, and share powerful enterprise apps at lightning speed. You may never have to call your IT team again with Quick Base Application Development tool and our expert solutions services.

To code or not to code—it’s totally up to you.

Become the office hero. Build bespoke enterprise apps for your team and zap them to every desk and pocket. Automate just about anything: start from scratch with drag-and-drop, or customize one of dozens of pre-built apps in millions of ways. Collaborate with your team to run, test, and improve until your app is picture-perfect and super impressive—all without a lick of code. (We won’t tell if you don’t).

Trigger-Based Reminders & Notifications

Keep your team in sync and on target with automatic notifications baked into your workflows and processes.

Pushed to Mobile & Web

iOS or Android? Mac or PC? Tomato or to-mah-to?

No need to argue—your apps are instantly pushed to all platforms.

Fully Customizable, Pre-Built Apps

Get there faster. We will set it all for you with one of Quick Base’s dozens of pre-built apps, then fine-tune it ‘til it’s just right.

Drag-and-Drop Delights

Put on your developer hat. Drag and drop your way to functional, elegant apps—no coding required.

Project & Task Management


Stay on top of all of your team’s tasks. Now there’s an easy, whip-smart way to manage, track, and prioritize tasks across all your projects. Less scrambling, more doing.

Do more by spending less time on your to-do list.

It’s basically impossible for anything to fall through the cracks with our expertise and Quick Bas Platform use. Automate task management with workflows, see the status of projects in-progress, and never forget a thing with notifications and reminders. You can even prioritize and filter tasks—so your boss’s requests come before the party planning committee’s.

Assign Tasks the Way You Want

Give out tasks one-by-one, or assign us to handle all of your solutions for you and let your workflows flow smoothly. 

Available Across All Platforms

In the office, on-the-go, at home: you can access your tasks on any desktop or device.

Prioritize What Matters Most

You can’t do everything at once (unfortunately). We will set you up so that you can organize your tasks by importance and urgency.

Propel Your Project Management

See and set custom statuses for projects, keeping everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Workflow Management


Get stuff done with your whole team—in the right order, right on time. We collaborate with Quick Base Platform that makes workflow management frictionless, fun, and easy as pie.

Make your work flow like a happily-raging river.

Never drop the ball again. Map out your steps in a snap, automate the boring stuff, and assign tasks so everyone’s on the same page and super-productive. And changing workflows is a cinch, so your processes can evolve as quickly as your business.

Alerts & Notifications

Let people know when the ball’s in their court and send reminders to keep the ball rolling.

Mobile-Friendly & People-Friendly

Access, edit, and manage workflows on the go. Quick Base is easy to use on any device. We will help you manage it and sow you how to use the platform too! 

Set Permissions & Give Approvals

Make sure only the right people can see your workflows, and require approvals at any point in the process.

Keep a Record of Everything

Need to make sure what happened and when? The beauty of our collaboration with Quick Base is that it keeps track of all workflow processes, making audits a breeze.

Spreadsheet Conversion


Turn your spreadsheets to databases — and do way more with your data. As live databases and business apps, your tired ol’ spreadsheets can take on a whole new life.

Don’t let your spreadsheets down—let them live as dynamic databases.

Converting the spreadsheets you already use only takes a few seconds. Once converted, there’s no limit to what you can do with your data in Quick Base. Think of it as your database Swiss Army knife: automate, interact, filter, share, collaborate, visualize, trigger workflows, and control your data—all with one simple tool.

Keep Sensitive Data Secure

Set permissions and control access with nitty-gritty specificity.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Spreadsheets don’t travel well. Dynamic databases do. View and edit your data from any device.

Customize Like Crazy

While spreadsheets are static and dull, with our expertise and Quick Base Platform it lets you manipulate databases and apps to your heart’s desire.

Make Your Data Come Alive

In Quick Base, your old spreadsheet data can interact, trigger actions, and so much more.

Database Management


Say sayonara to clunky, clumsy spreadsheets—your data deserves a modern makeover. Quick Base brings your database to life and lets your team interact with it any way you’d like. We will make sure you know how to us the platform and assist.

Love your data? Set it free.

Spreadsheets are so last century. Let your data thrive with Quick Base’s super-flexible, super-functional platform. Collaborate, manipulate, and play with your data as you see fit.

Here, your databases can do so much more—from triggering action-packed workflows, to talking across teams, to powering agile apps. It’s everything your data’s ever dreamed of.

Advanced Search & Custom Filters

Find exactly what you need and see your databases in a whole new light.

Trigger-Based Reminders & Notifications

Stay up-to-date on the state of your data with smart alerts triggered by conditions you set.

Mobile & Anytime Access

View, edit, and manage databases wherever, whenever, on any device you like.

Speed & Simplicity

It’s fast and easy to dive into data your way, even if you’re not a tech wizard.


HR & Workforce Management

Whether we are handling HR, recruitment, or accounting for you, Quick Base’s flexibility and power means everything you need can live in one place. Access your data from anywhere and maintain peace of mind with lock-down security and nitty-gritty permissions.

You wear a lot of hats. Your software should, too.

Whether you’re recruiting new hires, managing employee timesheets, and or balancing the budget. Us working alongside Quick Base, helps keep it all-under-one-roof for accurate solutions so that you don’t need to switch between roles faster than a master of disguise. You can even use Quick Base to convert your old spreadsheets into slick, live databases or customized apps.

Something Old, Something New

Still tracking all of your data with spreadsheets? With our guidance, you can turn them into magical live apps and databases in seconds.

At Your Desk or On the Go

Quick Base is a fully cloud-based platform, so you can access it from any device with an Internet connection.

Crunch the Numbers

Ditch your overcrowded, aging databases. Le u help you build a Quick Base dashboard with configurable, real-time data sets and analytics for maximum insights.

Automatic, Gentle Nudging

We help you set up the platform to trigger automatic notifications and reminders for all your workflows and processes.

Sales and Marketing Management

Don’t let a trip outside the office keep you from closing your next deal, and don’t let silly silos stand in the way of your biggest business goals. We will build your own custom, cloud-based sales and marketing CRM with Quick Base, then sit back and watch the magic happen.

Sales and marketing. Two sides of the same coin, now on the same page.

Ditch the pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all software and build a fully customizable CRM solution that meets your business’s exact needs—then grows and evolves along with you. Everything’s in one place, so alignment is a cinch, and you can trigger notifications and workflows with clicks instead of code. Plus, your team can easily tap into CRM records from any device, so you can close that next deal even when you’re on the go.

Build the CRM solution you’ve always wanted

Quick Base comes pre-loaded with built-in CRM tools that you can adapt to your needs without writing any code. Make life easier for everyone by automating routine tasks. You can even trigger notifications for anyone on your team, so forgetfulness is never an excuse (we’re looking at you, Joe!)

Sales and marketing, finally on the same page

Oil and water. Cats and dogs. Sales and marketing. Don’t fall for stereotypes–with Quick Base, you can finally get your sales and marketing team on the same page. Use super streamlined tools to cut across silos and open up new worlds for your business.

Close deals from the plane, on a train, or anywhere else

CRM solutions help your team build warmer relationships with clients and close more deals. Now, you can take that data everywhere go with the custom cloud CRM feature, easily accessible from any of your devices.

Business Operations


You can’t be a business operations superhero when your data is siloed and falling through the cracks. With us and Quick Base, everything you need is right at your fingertips—just make sure to use your new powers responsibly!

Break down silos. Build up your business.

From HR to payroll to supply chain management, this platform puts everything you need to help out every team in your office in one place. Say goodbye and good riddance to bloated spreadsheets, outdated systems, and criss-crossed emails and say hello to rapid growth.

Lock Down Your Data

We help you set everything up accordingly so that you can set worry-free permissions with nitty-gritty control. 

Build an App for That

We work closely with you to develop powerful rapid application development (RAD) features. 

Limitless Applications

Built-in, customizable business tools mean you can manage everything from the supply chain to the Secret Santa exchange.

One Click Makes It Happen

Trigger automated processes, actions, and workflows with a single click or tap.

Developer/IT Professional


Develop powerful, collaborative apps with dozens of business use cases. With us and the Quick Base Platform, you can build on top of existing features or start from scratch–your call.

Build powerful apps faster.

We help you achieve your goals by working alongside Quick Base. This platform has a powerful tool for cloud-based collaboration, database management, and workflow automation. Use it to kickstart your next business app project, whether you want to code it yourself or build on top of Quick Base’s suite of apps with rapid, drag-and-drop development. 

Incorporate Data and Analytics

Quick Base’s built-in, data-driven analytics and reporting lead to business insights and future-proof apps.




Sun Spark Solutions helps your crew get organized so you can spend more time on what really matters. Learn about our discounted pricing for nonprofits!


Still looking for the right app to juggle healthcare-related records—any place, any time, and for any purpose? The future is here with Sun Spark Solutions with flexible, cloud-based data management from Quick Base.


Booking and reservations. Checking in and checking out. Flexible yet mighty, we set up the business for the best experience and it is everything from a CRM to a custom form and app creator—and it travels wherever you do. Quick Base got the ins and outs of hospitality.

Real Estate

From managing new leads to closing major deals, we work alongside Quick Base platform for flexible, cloud-based platform that is the perfect partner for the modern real estate professional.


The world is changing, and it’s about time that your retail systems caught up. Manage sales leads, pricing, and inventory with the power of Quick Base cloud-based mobility and smarter, data-driven reporting.


Manage inventory, orders, shipping, transportation, the warehouse, and just about everything else. For manufacturing and supply chain management, the future lives in the cloud—and Quick Base’s powerful, flexible tools can get you there. We can help you succeed! 


From admissions and student tracking to managing donations and volunteer opportunities, we help you set up Quick Base that puts everything your school needs to run smoothly in one place. Dust off those old file cabinets and get your education data into the cloud.